Courtesy: Brian Beattie

Don’t put away the patio furniture just yet, Ottawa.

After a hotter than normal summer in the capital, Environment Canada is expecting above-average temperatures in September, October and November this year.

“My sense is: don’t write the final chapter on summer-like weather quite yet,” Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV Morning Live. “I think we’ll still have some more nice days than foul days in the next month or two.”

The expected balmy fall follows a record-setting summer. July was the warmest in Ottawa in more than 100 years.

Ottawa has had 31 days above 30 C so far this summer. The usual number is about 13, Phillips said.

“Some of that residual heat in the lakes and the rivers and the land is going to help September."

However, the warmer-than-usual forecast doesn’t mean we won’t get some frost and perhaps a light dusting of snow sometime before Remembrance Day, Phillips said.