A Calgary business owner refutes claims she continued to offer eyelash extensions from her northwest home during the lockdown (Instagram/lashlineyyc)

The owner of a home-based beauty business in a northwest neighbourhood is facing a court appearance and a $1,200 fine after a visit from Alberta Health Services inspectors that she says was unwarranted.

Ava Buonincontri, the owner of Lashline YYC, says inspectors barged into her home in the community of Panorama Hills on Tuesday morning after she opened the door to them. She says it was part of an investigation into reports that she had continued to offer eyelash extensions to clients during the mandated closure of Alberta's personal services businesses.

Mandatory restrictions under Alberta's Public Health Act, which went into effect on Dec. 13, 2020, prohibit all personal and wellness services in Alberta from operating as part of the effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Buonincontri tells CTV News that the only eyelash extensions that have been conducted in the home have been for members of her household.

According to Buonincontri, the inspectors indicated that there had been reports filed by two people against her business. There is no signage for Lashline YYC on the exterior of the home and Buonincontri does not know who launched the complaints.

Buonincontri says she was fined $1,200 and is scheduled to appear in court. She says she plans to fight the fine.

The notice of closure issued by Alberta Health Services, dated Jan. 6, claims Lashline YYC was operating during the lockdown and the owner neglected to notify the executive officer of Alberta Health Service of the existence of the business.