According to the weather agency, there will be a period of severely cold wind, and the freezing temperatures will last for a few days.

It noted an Arctic ridge of high pressure has caused a cold air mass to settle over southern Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan.

Manitobans should expect winds of 10 to 20 km/h and wind chills between -40 and -50.

Environment Canada added that the “bitterly cold air will remain over the Prairies for much of the next week.” 

The weather agency reminded Manitobans that extremely cold weather puts everyone at risk, but especially children, older adults, those with chronic illnesses, people who work or exercise outside, and those who don’t have a proper shelter.

It urged people to dress warmly, to wear layers that can be removed if it gets too warm, and to wear a wind-resistant outer layer.

Environment Canada added that if it’s too cold for people to be outside, it’s also too cold for pets.

A full list of extreme cold warnings in Manitoba can be found online.