Family members and supporters gather in Calgary for Justice for Jackie walk

Dozens of relatives and friends of an Indigenous woman, who was stabbed to death while walking along 17th Avenue in 2007, attended an annual event in downtown Calgary Saturday.

“She was loved, she was a member of a family and she had children,” said Jackie Crazybull’s sister Sandra Manyfeathers.

“Since then she has grandchildren now, that’s she never met.”

The Justice for Jackie march started on 18th Avenue S.W., ten blocks from the location where Jackie Crazybull was attacked on July 11, 2007.

According to reports, Crazybull was seated on a bench when a vehicle pulled up to the curb. Several people got out and attacked her.

“You killed Jackie, and the Canadian, so called, “justice system” let you get away with it and it’s really frustrating the way the system works,’ said Manyfeathers.

Crazybull, who was a mother of nine children, suffered multiple stab wounds and later died at the scene, near 17th Avenue and 11th Street S.W.

Police have not made any arrests in the case so far and investigators say the case remains open.

In 2009 - police said they knew who killed Crazybull, but could not provide enough evidence to charge them.

The walk included drumming, songs, prayers, speeches and a special dance from one of Crazy Bull's sons.