Family says someone stole gift cards from mail. Canada Post says 'mechanical' issue

The Easter card from grandma Joan in PEI arrived on time, but as soon as May Larkin sat down to open it, she knew something wasn't right.

"We noticed it had been sliced open down the side, so we knew something was wrong," Larkin said.

The envelope was split cleanly down one side - looking exactly the same as if someone used a letter opener or a knife. The card to her four-year-old son was intact, but the two $25 dollar gift cards that had been taped inside were missing.

She contacted Canada Post which promised to investigate.

In a statement, Canada Post wrote in part:

"While it is difficult to identify what may have caused the damage to the envelope, it is possible that as the envelope is processed through our network, on a series of conveyor belts and through mechanized equipment, it gets caught and damaged. Although it is an uncommon occurrence, it can happen that the envelope is cut open causing the contents to fall out."

Grandma Larkin was reimbursed for her postage and the value of the gift cards, but May Larkin says the mail carrier's explanation just doesn't fit.

"Just  (do) a better investigation," Larkin said. "And if something like this happens again, reach out to the people and talk to them and get their side of the story and don't just chalk it up to something mechanical in your sorting facility."

She said since the incident other people in her McKenzie Towne neighbourhood have reached out, reporting similar incidents.