The father of a teenager stabbed to death in Edmonton earlier this week is speaking out. He said the facility where his son was staying should have done more to ensure his safety.

Troy Boone, 15, was finishing up a six month stay at the Oak Hill Ranch near Bon Accord, a support facility for teens, when he died. He was due to go home to Lloydminster later this month.

“We facetimed and talked almost every day,” said Troy’s father Fred.

“He was fun-loving and enjoyed outdoors, camping, video games, stuff that normal kids did.”

Troy was stabbed to death on Wednesday on Edmonton’s north side.

Fred said Troy had been staying at the Oak Hill Ranch near Bon Accord, a non-profit that works with kids in crisis.

“He had behavioural issues,” he said.

“If you talk to anybody at the ranch he was polite, most well behaved, help anybody out.”

Fred says he was told Troy left the ranch with two others to go into Gibbons, and when a staff member tried to convince them to come back, they refused.

Without referring to Troy specifically, a representative from the ranch told CTV News Edmonton that type of situation is standard protocol, and after a period of time, police are called to ensure the child's safety if they don't return voluntarily.

Fred says police should have been called sooner for his son.

Instead, the three boys ended up in Edmonton.

“We don't know how he got there or when he got there or who brought him there, nothing.”

“They were walking down the road; they had a few words with a couple other people that were there. They kept walking and the other people chased after them and stabbed him.”

Troy was taken to hospital, where he died. Fred believes if police were called sooner, he'd still be alive.

Bradley Michael Edward Almas, 21, was charged with second degree murder on Wednesday, and a warrant has been issued for Bradley Clifford Leland, 23, also on a second-degree murder charge.

It's unclear if there will be any investigation into Oak Hill Ranch over the incident.

CTV News Edmonton reached out to the Ministry of Children’s Services for comment. The ministry could not comment on Boone’s case specifically, but did release the following statement:

"Any time a child or youth in government care passes away, it is reported and investigated by children's services. It is also examined by the office of the child and youth advocate."