Federal Election 2021: 27 ridings to watch and why they're important

In the push to elect enough MPs to form government, every seat matters for its own reasons. But there are some that garner notable interest because of the implications they may have for the region, the broader momentum a party is picking up, or because of the big names on the ballot.

Many of the ridings we’ve compiled for you have compelling storylines.

There’s the B.C. riding of West Vancouver—Sunshine Coast—Sea to Sky Country where the NDP has put forward a candidate with major star power. Documentary filmmaker and climate activist Avi Lewis, who’s got the backing of U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, will seek to unseat the Liberals who’ve occupied the region since 2015.

And in Fredericton, N.B., electors will decide whether their loyalty lies more behind Jenica Atwin, voted in as a Green MP in 2019, or the party she once represented. Atwin is running again under the Liberal tent.

This is not an exhaustive list, but a snapshot of some of the more compelling races in what could be a nail-biter of a federal election.

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  Riding Profile for St. John's East, N.L.

The only seat the NDP won east of Montreal in 2019, St. John's East went orange in part because of the personal popularity of Jack Harris, who had previously represented the riding in the 1980s, and again from 2008 to 2015. Liberals and Conservatives have both held this seat in the past, and with Harris moving into retirement, the riding is very much up for grabs.

Incumbent: Jack Harris (NDP)

Incumbent Status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 45,600 / 66,063 (69.03%)

2021 Candidates LIB Joanne Thompson Official site NDP Mary Shortall Official site CON Glenn Etchegary Official site PPC Dana Metcalfe Official site
Recent Vote History NDP Jack Harris 2019 LIB Nick Whalen 2015 NDP Jack Harris 2011 NDP Jack Harris 2008 CON Norman Doyle 2006
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  Riding Profile for Malpeque, P.E.I.

The Malpeque riding has been painted red since 1988. Long-time Liberal MP Wayne Easter has held the seat since 1993 but in June announced he would be stepping away from politics to allow newcomers to “take over the reins.” It’s one of four electoral ridings in Prince Edward Island, each of which have gone to the Liberals over the past several elections. With their new, former MLA candidate, will the Liberals keep their lock on the province? Or will a popular opponent change the game?

Incumbent: Wayne Easter (Liberal)

Incumbent status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 23,039 / 30,275 (76.1%)

2021 Candidates LIB Heath MacDonald Official site NDP Mitchell Neill Official site CON Jody Sanderson Official site GRN Anna Keenan Official site PPC Christopher Landry Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Wayne Easter 2019 LIB Wayne Easter 2015 LIB Wayne Easter 2011 LIB Wayne Easter 2008 LIB Wayne Easter 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Malpeque.

  Riding Profile for Fredericton, N.B.

Home to a former Green MP and now Liberal, after crossing the floor in June, voters in this riding will be facing an interesting proposition. Do we vote for the MP we elected last time, or is it more about the party she once represented? Expect the stakes to be higher personally for both Jenica Atwin and the Green candidate to get out there and make their case to constituents because of the shakeup Atwin’s defection prompted.

Incumbent: Jenica Atwin (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 49,409 / 65,825 (75.1%)

2021 Candidates LIB Jenica Atwin Official site NDP Shawn Oldenburg Official site CON Andrea Johnson Official site GRN Nicole O'Byrne Official site
Recent Vote History GRN Jenica Atwin 2019 LIB Matt DeCourcey 2015 CON Keith Ashfield 2011 CON Keith Ashfield 2008 LIB Andy Scott 2006
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  Riding Profile for Papineau, Que.

This riding is a Liberal stronghold, of course. Justin Trudeau has represented this constituency for more than a decade, after first winning with more than 41 per cent of the popular vote in 2008. Last election, he managed to pull in 51.2 per cent of the vote in Papineau with the NDP candidate in a distant second, but he hasn’t spent much time there since the pandemic kept him in Ottawa. Will that matter?

Incumbent: Justin Trudeau

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 50,781 / 76,995 (66.0%)

2021 Candidates LIB Justin Trudeau Official site NDP Christine Pare Official site BQ Nabila Ben Youssef Official site CON Julio Rivera Official site GRN Alain Lepine Official site PPC Christian Boutin Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Justin Trudeau 2019 LIB Justin Trudeau 2015 LIB Justin Trudeau 2011 LIB Justin Trudeau 2008 BQ Vivian Barbot 2006

  Riding Profile for Laurier-Sainte-Marie, Que.

In 2019, Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault reversed a trend that hadn’t seen a Liberal in the Laurier-Sainte-Marie riding since 1988. Guilbeault succeeded NDP MP Hélène Laverdière, who beat out Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe in 2011, amid the party’s Orange Wave. It’s a region that is home to artists, students, and lower-income earners as it includes a portion of Montreal’s downtown core. Guilbeault has drawn criticism as of late for his navigation of Bill C-10: An Act to amend the Broadcasting Act. Will that matter in his home riding? And how will a former top Bloc staffer fare?

Incumbent: Steven Guilbeault (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 53,409 / 82,524 (64.7%)

2021 Candidates LIB Steven Guilbeault Official site NDP Nima Machouf Official site BQ Marie-Ève-Lyne Michel Official site CON Ronan Reich Official site GRN Jean-Michel Lavarenne Official site PPC Daniel Tanguay Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Steven Guilbeault 2019 NDP Hélène Laverdière 2015 NDP Hélène Laverdière 2011 BQ Gilles Duceppe 2008 BQ Gilles Duceppe 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Laurier--Sainte-Marie

  Riding Profile for Pontiac, Que.

After outgoing MP Will Amos made headlines for accidentally revealing himself, and then later relieving himself while taking part in virtual House of Commons proceedings, will the Liberal brand withstand? The party won the seat in 2015 and secured it in 2019 by a large margin. After some eyebrows were raised over the quick appointment of a replacement candidate, could the New Democrats make gains in this riding just outside of the Ottawa region with a union representative vying for the seat?

Incumbent: William Amos (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 61,847 / 91,656 (69.03%)

2021 Candidates LIB Sophie Chatel Official site NDP Denise Giroux Official site BQ Gabrielle Desjardins Official site CON Michel Gauthier Official site GRN Shaughn McArthur Official site PPC David Bruce Gottfred Official site
Recent Vote History LIB William Amos 2019 LIB William Amos 2015 NDP Mathieu Ravignat 2011 CON Lawrence Cannon 2008 CON Lawrence Cannon 2006
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  Riding Profile for Hochelaga, Que.

A francophone riding in Montreal's boroughs, Hochelaga is one of the closest three-way races in the country. Only 328 votes separated Liberal winner Soraya Martinez Ferrada from Bloc Quebecois challenger Simon Marchand in 2019; the NDP beat the Bloc by 500 votes to capture the riding in 2015.

Incumbent: Soraya Martinez Ferrada (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 53,944 / 82,881 (65.09%)

2021 Candidates LIB Soraya Martinez Ferrada Official site NDP Catheryn Roy-Goyette Official site CON Aimé Calle Cabrera   BQ Simon Marchand Official site GRN Zachary Lavarenne Official site PPC Marc-André Doucet-Beauchamp Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Soraya Martinez Ferrada 2019 NDP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet 2015 NDP Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet 2011 BQ Daniel Paille 2008 BQ Real Menard 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Hochelaga
  Riding Profile for Beauce, Que.

South of Quebec City, the Conservatives kept this riding Tory blue in 2019, snatching it away from Maxime Bernier, who first won the riding in 2006. Bernier hoped to hold on but in the last election, his party did not win any seats.

Roughly 10 per cent of the vote separated the Bernier from holding the spot in the House of Commons now belonging to Richard Lehoux, a popular former mayor and grandfather. Will the vote breakdown be different this time for the ardent anti-lockdown libertarian?

Incumbent: Richard Lehoux (Conservative)

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 59,429 / 86,333 (68.8%)

2021 Candidates LIB Phillipe-Alexandre Langlois Official site NDP Francois Jacques-Cote Official site BQ Solange Thibodeau Official site CON Richard Lehoux Official site GRN Andrzej Wisniowski Official site PPC Maxime Bernier Official site
Recent Vote History CON Richard Lehoux 2019 CON Maxime Bernier 2015 CON Maxime Bernier 2011 CON Maxime Bernier 2008 CON Maxime Bernier 2006
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  Riding Profile for Beloeil-Chambly, Que.

Once the pre-redistribution riding of a former Bloc leader, Yves-Francois Blanchet won this riding in 2019, beating out then-incumbent NDP Matthew Dube. Southeast of Montreal, Que. the riding is home to a range of manufacturing businesses and farmers.

With Quebec set to be a key battleground province, Blanchet will be making the case for why he remains the best representation for his constituents and all Quebecers.

Incumbent: Yves-Francois Blanchet (Bloc Quebecois)

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 69,490/95,723 (72.6%)

2021 Candidates LIB Marie-Chantal Hamel Official site NDP Mariejo Béliveau Official site BQ Yves-Francois Blanchet Official site CON Stephane Robichaud   GRN Fabrice Larrain Gelinas Official site PPC Danila Ejov Official site
Recent Vote History BQ Yves-Francois Blanchet 2019 NDP Matthew Dube 2015 NDP Matthew Dube 2011 BQ Yves Lassard 2008 BQ Yves Lassard 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Beloeil--Chambly
  Riding Profile for Toronto--St. Paul's, Ont.

Former Liberal cabinet minister Carolyn Bennett has held the Toronto--St. Paul’s riding and the previous St. Paul’s riding since 1997. Bennett – most recently serving as the Crown-Indigenous relations minister – has been in the spotlight heading into the election following the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves at former residential schools. It will be up to voters to decide whether she’s still fit to lead Canada’s efforts to reconcile the country’s wrongdoings. Meanwhile, Sidney Coles was one of two NDP candidates who resigned and ended their campaigns—5 days before election day—after accusations of making anti-Semitic comments on social media.

Incumbent: Carolyn Bennett (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 59,834/84,110 (71.1%)

2021 Candidates LIB Carolyn Bennett Official site NDP Sidney Coles Official site CON Stephanie Osadchuk Official site GRN Phil De Luna Official site PPC Peter Remedios Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Carolyn Bennett 2019 LIB Carolyn Bennett 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Toronto--St. Paul's
  Riding Profile for Toronto Centre, Ont.

The boundaries of Toronto Centre have shifted a few times over the past 30 years, but the area's commitment to the Liberals has not. No other party has captured the riding since a Progressive Conservative victory in 1988.

This year's race is virtually identical to the 2020 byelection that sent Marci Ien to Ottawa, as all four major parties are running the same candidates. Green Leader Annamie Paul, who finished second last time out, may well have the best shot at upsetting Ien of anyone.

Incumbent: Marci Ien (Liberal)

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 25,323 / 81,861 (30.9%)

2021 Candidates LIB Marci Ien Official site NDP Brian Chang Official site CON Ryan Lester Official site GRN Annamie Paul Official site PPC Syed Jaffery Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Marci Ien 2020 LIB Bill Morneau 2019 LIB Bill Morneau 2015 LIB Chrystia Freeland 2013 LIB Bob Rae 2011
Environics Analytics profile for Toronto Centre
  Riding Profile for Milton, Ont.

Milton played host to one of the most closely watched races in the country in 2019, as former Olympian Adam van Koeverden ousted popular Conservative incumbent Lisa Raitt. Before van Koeverden's 15-point victory, this suburban riding – and Halton, its pre-2015 predecessor – was often the site of close two-way races between the Liberals and Conservatives.

Incumbent: Adam van Koeverden (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 60,058 / 84,806 (70.81%)

2021 Candidates LIB Adam Van Koeverden Official site NDP Muhammad Riaz Sahi Official site CON Nadeem Akbar Official site GRN Chris Kowalchuk Official site PPC Shibli Haddad Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Adam Van Koeverden 2019 CON Lisa Raitt 2015 CON Lisa Raitt 2011 CON Lisa Raitt 2008 CON Garth Turner 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Milton
  Riding Profile for Mississauga--Malton, Ont.

Many pundits have argued that the path to defeating the Liberals runs through Mississauga—Malton and the other 905-area-code ridings surrounding Toronto. Navdeep Bains, long one of the Liberals' most formidable campaigners, is not running, creating the potential for a seismic shift – or at least a closer race than the one he won by nearly 32 points in 2019.

Incumbent: Navdeep Bains (Liberal)

Incumbent Status:Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 49,037 / 79,034 (62%)

2021 Candidates LIB Iqwinder Singh Gaheer Official site NDP Waseem Ahmed Official site CON Clyde Roach Official site GRN Mark Davidson Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Navdeep Bains 2019 LIB Navdeep Bains 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Mississauga--Malton
  Riding Profile for Hastings-Lennox and Addington, Ont.

This riding was home to Derek Sloan, the former Conservative leadership contender turned Independent MP, and outspoken social conservative who rallied against lockdowns alongside COVID-19 deniers. Sloan has abandoned the riding to run instead in the Alberta riding of Banff--Airdrie. But his wife, Jennifer Sloan, has entered the race and will run as an Independent. Trying to make a comeback for the Liberals will be Mike Bossio, who lost his seat to Derek Sloan in 2019. Trudeau made a stop on day two of the campaign in and was warmly greeted by pandemic-respecting patrons on a scenic patio.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, have put up the former deputy mayor of Centre Hastings and long-time financial advisor Shelby Kramp-Neuman in hopes to win over votes and return the riding to the Conservative stronghold it was pre-redistribution.

Incumbent: Derek Sloan (Independent)

Incumbent Status:Seeking re-election in another riding

2019 Turnout: 53,094/80,079 (66.3%)

2021 Candidates LIB Mike Bossio Official site NDP Matilda DeBues Official site CON Shelby Kramp-Neuman Official site GRN Reg Wilson Official site PPC James Babcock Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Mike Bossio 2015 CON Derek Sloan 2019
Environics Analytics profile for Hastings-Lennox and Addington
  Riding Profile for Peterborough-Kawartha, Ont.

The last real bellwether standing. Situated between Ottawa and Toronto, it is one of this country’s most interesting ridings from an electoral perspective. It has a nearly 40-year record as a bellwether riding, meaning the party with the winning candidate locally has been the party that forms government by the end of election night. The riding features an all-female roster of candidates and if voters want change in this mix of an urban and rural riding, could Trudeau be in trouble? Or, will O'Toole's candidate making national news headlines for visiting a seniors home without being fully vaccinated jeopardize her electoral prospects?

Incumbent: Maryam Monsef (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 69,801/99,635 (70.1%)

2021 Candidates LIB Maryam Monsef Official site NDP Joy Lachica Official site CON Michelle Ferreri Official site GRN Chanté White Official site PPC Paul Lawton Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Maryam Monsef 2019 CON Dean Del Mastro 2011 CON Dean Del Mastro 2008 CON Dean Del Mastro 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Peterborough-Kawartha
  Riding Profile for Ottawa Centre, Ont.

Liberal cabinet minister Catherine McKenna took over the Ottawa Centre seat in 2015 from beloved NDP MP Paul Dewar. In late June, McKenna announced she was stepping away from politics to focus her energy on her family and the climate change threat. The riding encompasses most of the downtown Ottawa core including the Parliament buildings. Former Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi, who served in then-premier Kathleen Wynne’s cabinet, is now hoping to take McKenna’s spot, though as always it will be a tight race with the NDP.

Incumbent: Catherine McKenna (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 78,902/99,049 (79.7%)

2021 Candidates LIB Yasir Naqvi Official site NDP Angella MacEwen Official site CON Carol Clemenhagen Official site GRN Angela Keller-Herzog Official site PPC Regina Watteel Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Catherine McKenna 2019 LIB Catherine McKenna 2015 NDP Paul Dewar 2011 NDP Paul Dewar 2008 NDP Paul Dewar 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Ottawa Centre
  Durham, Ont.

The Durham riding has gone solidly blue from the time it was formed in 2006 - first under the leadership of Bev Oda and then Erin O’Toole. O’Toole easily won the seat in a 2012 byelection with the NDP's Larry O’Connor coming in second. In his first federal election, O’Toole captured just over 50 per cent of the vote which fell to about 45 per cent in 2019. This will be his first federal election in which he wears the badge of Conservative leader. Will that help boost his support?

Incumbent: Erin O'Toole

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 73,014 / 107,367 (68.0%)

2021 Candidates LIB Jonathan Giancroce Official site NDP Chris Cameron Official site CON Erin O'Toole Official site PPC Patricia Conlin Official site
Recent Vote History CON Erin O'Toole 2019 CON Erin O'Toole 2015 CON Bev Oda 2011 CON Bev Oda 2008 CON Bev Oda 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Durham
  Riding Profile for Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley, Man.

The Liberals lost this riding by less than 2,000 votes in 2019, after taking over what had traditionally been a Conservative area. Liberal candidate and former MP Doug Eyolfson is looking to get back to Ottawa, after spending the pandemic on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis as an emergency room doctor. This riding is one of two Conservative-held ridings in the otherwise Liberal and NDP-held Winnipeg area. So have the dynamics shifted?

Incumbent: Marty Morantz (Conservative)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 46,228/65,375 (70.7%)

2021 Candidates LIB Doug Eyolfson Official site NDP Madelaine Dwyer Official site CON Marty Morantz Official site GRN Vanessa Parks Official site PPC Angela Van Hussen Official site
Recent Vote History CON Marty Morantz 2019 LIB Doug Eyolfson 2015 CON Steven Fletcher 2011 CON Steven Fletcher 2008 CON Steven Fletcher 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Charleswood-St. James-Assiniboia-Headingley
  Riding Profile for Calgary Centre, Alta.

When Kent Hehr won this riding in 2015, it was viewed as a breakthrough for the Liberals, as they had not held a seat in Calgary since the 1940s. Come 2019, though, the party was shut out of Alberta as a whole, with Hehr losing to Conservative Greg McLean by nearly 30 points. Will a new candidate reverse Liberals' fortunes, or will the Conservatives continue their traditional dominance?

Incumbent: Greg McLean (Conservative)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 66,249 / 95,408 (69.4%)

2021 Candidates LIB Sabrina Grover Official site NDP Juan Estevez Official site CON Greg Mclean Official site GRN Austin Mullins Official site
Recent Vote History CON Greg Mclean 2019 LIB Kent Hehr 2015 CON Joan Crockatt 2012 CON Lee Richardson 2011 CON Lee Richardson 2008
Environics Analytics profile for Calgary Centre
  Riding Profile for Edmonton Centre, Alta.

Since 2004, when the Edmonton Centre riding was recreated from Edmonton West, Edmonton Southwest, and Edmonton Centre-East, it’s gone, for the most, part solidly blue. That changed in 2015 when Liberal candidate Randy Boissonnault was voted in, serving as the first openly gay MP elected in Alberta. While he lost in 2019 to Conservative James Cumming, he’s making a comeback this election. The generally well-liked Cumming will be a fierce competitor but if the Liberals are to reclaim some ground in the province, this would be a likely place to do it.

Incumbent: James Cumming (Conservative)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 53,092/81,766 (64.9%)

2021 Candidates LIB Randy Boissonnault Official site NDP Heather MacKenzie Official site CON James Cumming Official site PPC Brock Crocker Official site
Recent Vote History CON James Cumming 2019 LIB Randy Boissonnault 2015 CON Laurie Hawn 2011 CON Laurie Hawn 2008 CON Laurie Hawn 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Edmonton Centre
  Riding Profile for Vancouver--Granville, B.C.

With Jody Wilson-Raybould bowing out, the Liberals are eyeing this riding as a clear pickup. But could the constituent sentiment that saw Wilson-Raybould hold the seat as an independent in 2019—a rare feat— be enough to dissuade voters there from voting for Team Trudeau? Or could the Conservatives or NDP benefit off of the buck-the-status-quo mentality fostered by the previous MP?

Incumbent: Jody Wilson-Raybould (Independent)

Status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 53,032/81,952 (64.7%)

2021 Candidates LIB Taleeb Noormohamed Official site NDP Anjali Appadurai Official site CON Kailin Che Official site GRN Imtiaz Popat Official site PPC Damian Jewett Official site
Recent Vote History IND Jody Wilson-Raybould 2019 LIB Jody Wilson-Raybould 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Vancouver--Granville, B.C.
  Riding Profile for Cloverdale-Langley City, B.C.

Currently held by Tamara Jansen, the Conservative who made headlines for speaking about “lesbian activity” during a debate on a bill to outlaw conversion therapy—a bill she did not support—could this be one riding where LGBTQ2s+ rights become a wedge? The Liberals lost by 1,300 votes and candidate John Aldag is back for a rematch.

Trudeau included a stop in this riding as part of his on-the-offence first week on the trail, where the party targeted ridings they once held, and want back. He poured some pints and took a selfie with a woman who had darted out of a nearby salon to say hello.

Incumbent: Tamara Jansen (Conservative)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 55,488/86,045 (64.5%)

2021 Candidates LIB John Aldag Official site NDP Rajesh Jayaprakash Official site CON Tamara Jansen Official site GRN Caelum Nutbrown Official site PPC Ian Kennedy Official site
Recent Vote History CON Tamara Jansen 2019 LIB John Aldag 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Cloverdale-Langley City
  Riding Profile for Nanaimo--Ladysmith, B.C.

The Nanaimo-Ladysmith riding was created in 2012 and includes more than half of the previous riding of Nanaimo-Cowichan and a portion of Nanaimo-Alberni. Green MP Paul Manly took over the seat from the NDP in 2019. He and Elizabeth May are now the only two remaining Green MPs after Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin crossed the floor to the Liberals over internal disputes with leader Annamie Paul. Will the Greens hold on to this one, or will the internal party turmoil turn voters off?

Incumbent: Paul Manly (Green)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 71,864/103,762 (69.3%)

2021 Candidates LIB Michelle Corfield Official site NDP Lisa Marie Barron Official site CON Tamara Kronis Official site GRN Paul Manly Official site PPC Stephen Welton Official site
Recent Vote History GRN Paul Manly 2019 NDP Sheila Malcolmson 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Nanaimo--Ladysmith
  Riding Profile for West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast--Sea to Sky Country, B.C.

No two elections are alike in this riding, which includes everything from West Vancouver up to Whistler. Both the Liberals and Conservatives have picked up landslide wins here since 2011, and before that it featured some of the closest races in the country. Will NDP star candidate Avi Lewis be able to upset the apple cart and build on his party's fourth-place finish from 2019?

Incumbent: Patrick Weiler (Liberal)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 65,315 / 95,395 (68.47%)

2021 Candidates LIB Patrick Weiler Official site NDP Avi Lewis Official site CON John Weston Official site GRN Mike Simpson Official site PPC Doug Bebb Official site
Recent Vote History LIB Patrick Weiler 2019 LIB Pamela Goldsmith-Jones 2015 CON John Weston 2011 CON John Weston 2008 LIB Blair Wilson 2006
Environics Analytics profile for West Vancouver--Sunshine Coast--Sea to Sky Country
  Riding Profile for Port Moody--Coquitlam, B.C.

There aren't many ridings that are as clearly up for grabs as this one in the Lower Mainland. The NDP and Conservatives have both held it since it was reconstituted in 2015. During the last election, only 1,160 votes separated the first-place Conservatives, second-place NDP and third-place Liberals.

Incumbent: Nelly Shin (Conservative)

Incumbent Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 54,364 / 82,674 (65.76%)

2021 Candidates LIB Will Davis Official site NDP Bonita Zarrillo Official site CON Nelly Shin Official site PPC Desta McPherson Official site
Recent Vote History CON Nelly Shin 2019 NDP Fin Donnelly 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Port Moody--Coquitlam
  Riding Profile for Burnaby South, B.C.

This riding used to be the federal seat held by the now-mayor of Vancouver Kennedy Stewart. Jagmeet Singh, who eyed a run in the GTA after becoming leader, moved west and won it with nearly 39 per cent of the vote over Liberal and Conservative candidates in the 2019 byelection, taking over after Stewart stepped aside to launch his municipal politics career. The margin of victory narrowed for Singh in the 2019 federal election, with the Conservative candidate coming a not-dramatically-distant second. Unlike some other party leaders, Singh has spent a considerable amount of time over the pandemic in his home riding. Will voters reward him for that?

Incumbent: Jagmeet Singh

Status: Seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 45,006 / 76,849 (56.4%)

2021 Candidates LIB Brea Sami Official site NDP Jagmeet Singh Official site CON Likky Lavji Official site GRN Maureen Curran Official site PPC Marcella Williams Official site
Recent Vote History NDP Jagmeet Singh 2019 NDP Kennedy Stewart 2015
Environics Analytics profile for Burnaby South
  Riding Profile for Nunavut

In the 2019 election, 25-year-old NDP MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq – the youngest MP in the country – took over the Nunavut seat from Liberal-turned-Independent MP Hunter Tootoo, making her the first New Democrat to win the riding since the territory’s creation in 1999. While in office, Qaqqaq shined a light on the poor living conditions and high rates of youth suicide in the Northern region. After announcing she wouldn’t be seeking re-election, she has gained new prominence for her strong criticism of the federal government for inaction on Indigenous issues. Bolstered by her record in this campaign, will the NDP hold on to this seat with new candidate Lori Idlout?

Incumbent: Mumilaaq Qaqqaq (NDP)

Incumbent Status: Not seeking re-election

2019 Turnout: 9,454/18,665 (50.7%)

2021 Candidates LIB Pat Angnakak Official site   NDP Lori Idlout Official site CON Laura Mackenzie Official site PPC Nathan Jewett Official site  
Recent Vote History NDP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq 2019 LIB Hunter Tootoo 2015 CON Leona Aglukkaq 2011 CON Leona Aglukkaq 2008 LIB Nancy Karetak-Lindell 2006
Environics Analytics profile for Nunavut

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