There is quite the contrast in Sudbury since the weekend, from snow to sleet to sunshine and warm temperatures.

On Thursday, many golfers hit the greens as the owner of some local courses decided to reopen for an extended season.

"I could see that the long range (forecast) was looking pretty good," said Sam Yawney of Golf Sudbury. "So originally I decided to reopen Cedar Green, but the weather forecast is so positive and so good for this time of year that we decided to re-open Pinegrove and Monte Vista because off the number of golfers that want to play."

Arnold Anderson hit the greens to play two rounds at Cedar Green in Garson.

"After I golfed my last round -- or what I thought was my last round -- I was a little disappointed, so it's great to get out," Anderson said. And I think everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the weather."

Cedar Green reopened Thursday morning after the snow and sleet melted off the greens.

Phones ringing off the hook

"Unbelievable, the phones are ringing off the hook," Yawney said. "Everybody wants to extend the season as long as they can. A lot of people are not going away this winter, so they want to keep playing as long as they can into the fall."

Golfers appear to appreciate the second chance to hit the greens.

"Well, it's pretty great we are able to get out again," said golfer Dillon Reynen. "Me and my brothers were talking about getting out this weekend and stuff and we were just laughing that it was snowing as we were planning our rounds for this weekend so we are glad to get out again."

He was joined at tee off by his friend who is also happy to get out.

"I wasn't happy when there was snow and sleet, but now it's back to getting warmer and hopefully it stays longer than three days," said Connor Crossman.

Another golfer said hitting the greens is a great getaway.

"I am just grateful that there is a chance to golf again," said Dante Delfrate. "It's a nice hobby to get out of the house and get some exercise and playing in the middle of November feels like I am in Florida."

Golf Sudbury said if Mother Nature cooperates, it hopes to try and keep the three courses open for another two weeks.