The Joy Lab exhibit at the Saskatchewan Science will end on January 5. (Colton Wiens/CTV News)

There's only a few days left to checkout the joy lab at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.

The collection of curated experiences designed to provide Instagram-ready moments for visitors is leaving the building on the weekend.

The self-guided experience encourages visitors to explore questions about joy and happiness.

The joy lab has been in the science centre since the summer, and the exhibit will now be moving to a new site. But the centre isn't sharing where it is going just yet.

"Our joy lab is going to be leaving on January 6, so this your last really good chance to get in there and get your photos in there in joy lab. It's been an awesome exhibit so far so we'd love to see everyone come and get there family photos, get there babies in there and their kids, lots of cool pictures,” Saskatchewan Science Centre Adult Programming lead Jacklyn Waronek said.

Sunday is the last day for visitors to checkout the exhibit.