The Delisle District & Fire Department received a call just before 2 p.m. Tuesday of a fire that started in a farmer’s field just west of town.

The owner of the land where the fire started tells CTV News that straw that was being combined started to smolder from the heat of the machine and ignited the crop when it came out the back of the combine.

“The driver noticed activity behind him and got out,” said Delisle District & Fire Department Chief Mike Given.

“It was moving very quickly, winds were gusting, I believe, up to around 60 kilometers an hour that day.”

The strong wind allowed the fire to spread quickly and led to heavy smoke and low visibility.

People in the area that CTV spoke with say as many as 50 farmers from the area arrived to help fire crews battle the blaze.

“We've got a number of farmers who have volunteered to bring us water if ever we need, so those gentlemen were contacted through our dispatcher 911 dispatch up in Prince Albert,” said Given.

“Most of them were able to come out and bring us water, and then there was a large number of farmers from different areas around us who came with their discers to create firebreaks, and try to minimize the spread as best they could.”

Given says a small ravine with a creek at the bottom that runs through the fields also helped to contain the fire.

The owner of the land said they’re thankful that no one was hurt, and for the efforts of so many people that came to help, but added that the fire scorched about 700 of the 9,500 acres of land they farm.

Given says crews contained the fire overnight until rains finished it off and they were able to leave Wednesday morning.