Firefighters attack gas meter fire at multi-unit home in Griesbach

Firefighters responded to a gas meter on fire at a quadplex in Griesbach Saturday evening.

Six trucks were called at 7:08 p.m. and arrived at the multi-unit home at 2657 Sir Arthur Currie Way five minutes later.

"They found the south end of the building fully engulfed, and it (the fire) was already coming through the roof," said District Chief Howard Samycia. "So we sent crews in quite quickly. But it became untenable in the first unit."

Samycia said firefighters were able to fight the flames from the attic of the second unit and successfully limit the spread to only two of the four units of the home.

"Our crews did a fantastic job," he said. "Even though we had to go into a defensive mode, we stopped the fire before it got any further than it was going to go."

"We are just maintaining it while ATCO is digging up the sidewalk so that they can pinch off the gas," he added.

All families were able to self-evacuate, and no injuries were reported to Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.

Investigators are searching for a cause.