Firefighters retrieve man asleep inside six-storey high crane in Halifax


Halifax Fire says it was called to a high angle rescue at a construction site on Joseph Howe Drive this morning after workers found a man had climbed up a very steep ladder to take a nap in the cab of a tower crane.

Halifax Fire District Chief Brad Connors says the department found an unconscious male in the operation seat of the crane, which Connors says is more than six storeys in the air.

HRM Fire were on scene this am,Joe Howe Dr, Hfx, after man was discovered , asleep in the cab of a tower crane, six storeys above worksite . Fire crews were able to get him down safely. No word from police if charges will be laid in this matter.@CTVAtlantic @Move100Halifax

— Carl Pomeroy (@CarlPomeroyCTV) July 9, 2021

After a quick medical assessment, Connors says crews "then proceeded to harness him up and lower him down to the point that we turned him over to EHS and the police”.

Connors says that in addition to the risk of a high angle rescue, fire crews were also monitoring thunderstorms that were in the vicinity.

There is no word from police if charges will be laid.