CFB Edmonton. (FILE)

A man-made chemical has been found in soil, groundwater and surface water at 3 Canadian Division Support Base Edmonton and in nearby wetlands.

The chemical is poly and perfluoroalkylated substances, which is used in various consumer and industrial products, including firefighting foams.

A news release from the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces says the chemical likely originated from the use of firefighting foams for training. The training was conducted in accordance with regulations at the time, but the base now uses water for training and reserves the use of PFAS for emergencies such as fuel fires.

Officials say there is no evidence that the chemicals are present in well water beyond the base, but they will be working with nearby property owners to conduct testing for PFAS as necessary.

"As a good neighbour, we are committed to managing the effects of our operational legacy responsibly, and doing our part to safeguard the health of Canadians," the news release said.

"We are working with the Province of Alberta, and all test results will be shared with Alberta Health Services, Alberta Environment and Parks and affected property owners as soon as they are available. We will continue to keep the community informed about this issue and our work to address it. To protect the privacy of residents, the area identified for the water survey will remain confidential."

Those with questions about the testing program can call the CDSB public affairs office at 780-973-4011 ext 8018 or Alberta Health Services at 780-342-1380.