Fireworks sales booming through the summer

Consumer fireworks sales aren’t expected to fizzle off anytime soon despite Canada Day and Independence Day celebrations wrapping up this past weekend.

“It’s been very, very busy.”

Victor Anber of K & H Fireworks in Tecumseh says it’s been a sellout year in his industry despite lockdowns and social distancing due to COVID-19.

“I guess the basic difference is people have been cooped up for a very, very long time and fireworks are a feel good thing,” Anber adds, “they create oohs and aahs which is a release of tension.”

Anber says sales have been skyrocketing through 2021 with many of his products sold out. He says the most popular item this year is cakes.

The owner and operator of the distribution company credits cancelled free shows and the loosening of restrictions to the boom. “From Victoria Day right through the end of summer, end of September, it’s always very busy. You do the majority of your business.”

Anber tells CTV News more people have inquired about firework safety, noting his business only supplies fireworks for professional shows and retailers. He says his company will typically supply 120 professional shows a year and strongly encourages people to read instructions throughly.

“One of my favourite sayings is safety glasses are a wonderful things. For 3 bucks, put them on. You know? Something goes wrong for some reason, then you’re okay.”

Speaking with CTV News, several Windsor and area residents voiced concern over recent consecutive late nights of personal firework displays. Some noting young children or pets struggle with the loud sounds.

“I think after 11 o’clock is getting to be extreme but that’s just me personally. I would never do it to you.” Brad Butt says he hears loud displays regularly in East Windsor. “I’m glad everything is opening up and everybody wants to feel free and everything like that, but be considerate.”

Others, like Rita Esposito say they hope people will stop firing fireworks for a while. “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.”

A City of Windsor bylaw states no person shall discharge consumer fireworks except Victoria Day, or the day immediately preceding or following Victoria Day. The day preceding Canada Day and the following days up to and including the Fourth of July. Consumer fireworks are also permitted on New Year's Eve.

Officials with the City of Windsor say just 2 complaints came into the 311 call centre since Canada Day, though the office was closed for the holiday weekend.

Anber admits there are no ‘quiet’ fireworks, but notes if people are respectful and safe, a positive outcome can be expected.

“Being cooped up this long is crazy and for fireworks it’s a magical thing! I believe for mental health, I think it’s excellent!”