First ever Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards will be held at the NAC


The first ever Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards will take place virtually on June 12.

The SSIMA's will be part of the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, which runs from June 1 to 21, and will be streamed from the National Arts Centre.

The virtual awards span 18 categories, showcasing the diverse and growing music and culture of artistic expression and accomplishment within the indigenous community.

"We have a lot of the specific genre awards like country, pop-rock and roots; but, there are also some special awards in there about having a social voice through their music, celebrating people who are passing on their traditions of music with their youth leadership," says Trina Mather Simard, producer of the awards and festival.

"There’s a great opportunity to see some great music, but also learn a lot about the contributions and work that’s being done by Indigenous musicians across Canada."

Winners will be announced live, and nominees will be participating by video conference.

For anyone in Ottawa tuning into the awards on June 12, Mather Simard says there’s a chance to be even more connected, by enjoying "SSIMA’s Spirit Gala in a Box."

The box is intended to be enjoyed at home, and includes a great meal prepared by an Indigenous chef and unique Indigenous teas, says Mather Simard.

"It’s like a Gala in a box."

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