Calgary Fish and Wildlife say the buck was found on private land just off of 85th Street S.W., about 2 kilometres north of Highway 22X. (Fish and Wildlife)

Calgary Fish and Wildlife are investigating another case of poaching in the province after a white-tailed deer was found shot and abandoned on private land southwest of the city.

The buck was discovered on Nov. 14 in an area off 85th Street S.W., about two kilometres north of Highway 22X.

Wildlife officials said the animal was killed with a rifle and they believe the shooting happened the morning of Nov. 14.

"At this time of year, Wildlife Management Unit 212 is bow hunting only. It appears that the individual responsible for shooting the animal made no attempt to retrieve it," Calgary Fish and Wildlife said in a post to social media.

A white pick up truck with blue paneling on one side was seen driving in the area that morning, but Fish and Wildlife said they are not sure if the person or people in the truck were involved in the shooting or are potential witnesses.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Report-a-Poacher line at 1-800-632-3800 or submit an online report.