Fitness resolutions for 2020


One of the more popular New Year's resolutions, according to a new Ipsos poll, is improving personal fitness and nutrition.

Sean Brierley is one of those few who decided to get an early start on his resolution.

"It was important because, over the past year, I've had life events occur where I turned 50, I got married, I had taken on a significant role as the president of our local union, which all, more so the involvement with the union… I was ignoring my routine here working out," he explained.

Brierley is now going to the gym on average six times a week. So far, he says he's been doing it in baby steps.

"Not as difficult as I thought, but I'm also not overdoing it. It's never wise to go gung-ho after being inactive, for lack of a better way of putting it, for a period of time," he continued.

Resolutions like Brierley's don't come as a surprise to officials at the YMCA. 100 to 200 new people are expected to be walking through their front door in January.

"We get that usual uptick and then our goal is to keep people here, both through the community that develops that sense of belonging, but also because we've got some great programs, some great instructors,"  said Helen Francis, YMCA Sudbury President and CEO.

Janice Lee has been a fixture at the YMCA for the last 20 years. For her, heading to the gym is everything.

"This is the most beautiful place. It's a playground for me. I have so much fun and joy, it saved my life and it helped me mentally and physically. I love it," commented Lee.

Gym goers say the best advice they could give for your resolution is to schedule and prioritize your workouts.

"Make some changes, make some sacrifices, alter your lifestyle accordingly," said Brierley.

The Ipsos survey also found women are more likely to make a New Year's resolution than men.

Officials at the YMCA say they will be open New Year's Day.