Flexible in-road traffic signs expected to return to some Tecumseh streets

Example of a flexible in-road sign to be installed at various locations in the Town of Tecumseh at the end of May. (courtesy Town of Tecumseh)

The Town of Tecumseh will again install temporary flexible in-road traffic signs this spring to help calm traffic.

Council discussed the effectiveness of the signs on Tuesday evening; after all six signs either went missing or were damaged beyond repair.

Six temporary flexible in-road traffic signs were used on a trial basis to deter speeding in 2021.

The signs, which were installed in the centre of the road, flex on impact and were in response to speeding complaints.

The in-road signs were placed on North Talbot Road near Weston Park and Riverside Drive at Lakeview Montessori School.

There was some success as radar surveys found a drop in the average speed of vehicles.

However, radar surveys reported that average speed was still 10 km/h above the speed limit.

The signs were removed before winter to allow room for snowplows to pass.

The town will continue to study the effectiveness and provide information to the police service.