Flooded Lakeshore residents asked to fill out survey

Belle River Neighbourhood after flooding - Saturday July 17, 2021 (Alana Hadadean / CTV News)

Lakeshore residents who were affected by flooding following the rain event on Friday are encouraged to fill out a survey.

“We are trying to get a better understanding of the situation,” said Krystal Kalbol, the Corporate Leader of Municipal Operations.

Kalbol stated so far the municipality received close to 300 complaints about the flooding.

The issues have been wide ranging including water on roadways, while other reports were about flooded basements.

Kalbol added, “We are waiting to hear more about the nature of flooded basements from either storm water, or water from the sanitary sewers.”

In some instances some property owners found both kinds or water in their basements.

Kalbol said the information will assist the Municipality on assessing the impact the rainfall had on the sewer systems.

The information will also help provide advice for residents on next steps in order to find ways to mitigate the impact these events have during future significant weather events.

The survey link is https://www.lakeshore.ca/en/living-here/flooding.aspx or residents can call the Municipal Office at 519-728-2700.

Meanwhile, Tecumseh staff have heard from 83 property owners who have reported a range sources, which included leaking foundations, sump pump failures and sewer backups.