Skating is on pause for the West Broadway neighbourhood, after a back-and-forth over a city lease agreement forced the community's skating rink to stay a parking lot. (Source: CTV News)

The skating rink at the Broadway Neighbourhood Centre now has water on it.

The flooding process is underway at the community skating rink which had been turned into a parking lot over an insurance agreement with the city.

The executive director for the centre said an agreement on an insurance quote for the rink was reached, thanks in part to the city.

The skating rink has yet to be used this winter due to a change in the lease agreement with the city.

The city had asked the neighbourhood centre to pay for insurance for the rink, but the centre said it couldn't afford it.

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The centre is hoping to have the rink operational in time for its snowball event on Saturday.

"We will probably get about 200 people or more out tomorrow," said Aynslie Andes, coordinator for the snowball event. "There's going to be team ski races, tobogganing, skating, so it's super exciting that we are going to have the rink up and working."

The centre is also hoping the city will approve an operating grant in the upcoming budget that will include money for insurance going forward.