Flooding caused by water main burst in north central Edmonton

A water main in north central Edmonton burst Sunday morning, causing flooding to some homes.

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services told CTV News Edmonton that they responded to calls of a water main break located in the area of 116 Avenue and 101 Street after 11:30 a.m. Water spread to 115 and 117 Avenues as well.

Once on scene, some residents reported flooding in their homes to firefighters.

“This is the biggest one I’ve been a part of in my career,” said Edmonton fire district chief Cory Cremer. “It wound up being a pretty massive one.”

Edward Koehler, told CTV News Edmonton that as soon as his family noticed the rising water they sprung into action and collected as many important items as they could before water destroyed them.

“We panicked and brought up everything that was sentimental,” Koehler described. “As much as we could.”

EPCOR told CTV News Edmonton that it is too early to say what caused the break or what repairs could be required.

"Our first priority is to stop the flow of water and ensure public safety," EPCOR said in a statement.

While initials reports suggested a small sinkhole had emerged, EPCOR clarified to CTV News Edmonton that no sinkhole had in fact occured as a result of the water main break.

EPCOR encouraged residents experiencing water damages to contact their insurance companies to initiate a claim.

Water service may be impacted to two property owners as the utility provider continued to work towards repairing the break, EPCOR said.

A few other water main breaks were affecting Edmontonians Sunday, including along Stadium Road near Commonwealth Stadium and 66 Street and Yellowhead Trail.

EPCOR confirmed to CTV News Edmonton that there were four water main breaks that all happened within ten minutes of each other around the noon hour.

It is not known if all the water main breaks are connected or what caused them.