Flypast scheduled in Manitoba to honour memories of children found at B.C. residential school.

The Royal Canadian Air Force will be conducting a flypast over the Manitoba Legislative Building on Thursday afternoon.

The flypast is scheduled for noon and will involve a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-130H Hercules airplane from 435 Transport and Rescue.

“The flypast is being done recognizing the close ties of 435 Squadron to Indigenous communities in Manitoba, while recognizing a vigil being held to honour the 215 children whose remains were found at a B.C. Residential School,” the RCAF said in a statement. “Our members conduct the flypast in the spirit of empathy and support for Indigenous Peoples, Defence Team members and Canadians who have been impacted by the tragic news.”

The RCAF said the plane will fly over Winnipeg at an altitude of no lower than 500 feet above the highest point of the flypast route.

Members of the public observing the flypast must maintain proper physical distancing according to the public health orders.