Ford offers no clear stand on safe consumption sites during Timmins visit

Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford made no clear statement on funding a safe injection site in Timmins during a visit to the city Sunday.

Ford was asked twice for his position -- yes or no -- on safe consumption sites, something local medical health officials and physicians have continuously requested.

"I'm in favour of pouring money into mental health and addiction and we're going to continue focusing on that," he responded.

With Timmins PC candidate George Pirie by his side, Ford began his speech by re-announcing a couple of big promises made in recent weeks, such as bringing back the Northlander passenger train service and redoing Highway 101.

"I've heard countless stories of people not being able to access life-saving treatments, not able to see the specialists they need because their communities are cut off from the rest of the province," he said.

"Well that's all changing. We're saying yes, to connecting Timmins. We're saying yes to new roads and rail for northeastern Ontario."

When asked if he was making another visit to Timmins because he thinks Pirie has a chance to beat NDP incumbent Gilles Bisson, Ford took a shot at Bisson.

"I don't think I've heard your representative say diddly the whole time down there," he said.

Later in the day, Bisson told CTV News that was the first time he's been accused of being too quiet.

"Listen, you can accuse Gilles Bisson of a lot of things but you can’t accuse me of not being heard at Queen's Park," he said.

At no time during Sunday's media opportunity was Pirie given an opportunity to speak at the podium. When the question and answer period was wrapped up, Ford and Pirie walked into the museum and shortly afterward, Ford left on his campaign bus.