Former Keyano College president bullied, harassed employees: report

Source: Keyano College

The former president of a Fort McMurray college mismanaged public funds and bullied employees, according to a new report from the Alberta Public Interest Commissioner.

Trent Keough resigned as Keyano College's president in May of last year following an investigation prompted by complaints from employees.

"The investigation found repeated and ongoing incidents of conduct that would be considered bullying, harassment, or intimidation, by [Keough]," the report reads.

It details how an investigation found "serious and significant wrongdoing" on the part of Keough including mismanaging public funds and the delivery of a public service.

It also describes a pattern of bullying, harassment and intimidation that it says impacted the workplace culture of the college.

The report calls for the college to improve its reporting process and conduct more thorough and regular reviews of senior executives performances.

Public Interest Commissioner report by CTV News Edmonton on Scribd