Former Regina cartoonist honoured with Canada Post Stamp

Former Regina cartoonist Brian Gable has been recognized by Canada Post with a new stamp design featuring his work.

The crown corporation is paying tribute to five editorial cartoonists for their work in Canadian journalism, humour and art by helping the artists create stamps that will be put into national rotation.

“It was really exciting,” Gable said. “I just think it’s really fantastic that a crown corporation like Canada Post recognizes editorial cartooning and the importance and the part of our culture that satire represents.”

The image of the beaver on Gable’s stamp is taken from one of his previous Canada Day cartoons.

Gable currently works at the Globe and Mail, but was the editorial cartoonist for the Regina Leader Post from 1980-87.

“It was such an interesting political environment. You know governments were changing, that was in the early days of the Grant Devine government. Just an interesting period in Saskatchewan history,” said Gable.

Will Chabun, who worked at the Leader Post with Gable, said Gable always had a sense of what was topical and what had the potential to be a funny editorial cartoon.

“The speed with which he worked and his quality of draftsmanship are what I remember,” Chabun said. “He would come in in the morning, sit down, he would have ideas in his head, he’d set to work and he would have something by the early afternoon at the latest.”

Gable got his start as a cartoonist by doodling in class all the way through school and university. He said a classmate suggested that he send some pieces to the university newspaper, which started using them.

“It was pretty cool to see,” Gable said.

Gable added that his seven years working in Regina set him up for where he is today.

“In the media there is a lot of turn over and careers can be ended very quickly. I have been extremely fortunate to stretch mine out as long as I have,” Gable added.

Gable has been awarded seven national newspaper awards and is a member of the Order of Canada.

He said he never would have imagined he would be in this career or accomplished these things when he was just doodling in class.

“I do hope the one or two teachers who would slam a textbook on my head because I wasn’t doing my home work would say ‘Gee, he did do a lot of drawing. Maybe I should have given him some space’,” Gable joked.

The Canada Post stamps and collectables will be available at post offices and online ( starting Oct. 8.