Former Regina Thunder player attracting attention at Riders' camp

Melfort’s Logan Ferland has been putting his skills on display at the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ training camp.

The offensive lineman has been a part of the Riders’ since 2019 when he did double duty with the Regina Thunder.

Offensive Line Coach Stephen Sorrells said all the young prospects for the line have exceeded his expectations, including Ferland who is practicing at centre for the first time.

“I’ve been telling people for two years that I think Logan Ferland’s going to be a really, really good football player in this league,” said Sorrells. “He’s a guy that I think can play centre guard or eventually, could play some tackle.”

When Brendan LaBatte, long-time guard with the Riders, decided to step away from the gridiron this season it left a hole in the line that needed to be filled. LaBatte thinks it will be exciting to see the young players fighting for his spot.

“I think a guy like Logan Ferland is who you should be interviewing and see what he’s seeing and see what he’s saying and see how he feels about competing for the open spot,” LaBatte said at the end of June.

Ferland said he is honoured by LaBatte’s praise, and hopes to follow his example on the field.

“I’m a very humble guy and I like to stay grounded, but I know I put the work in and I am very confident in my skills that I have and the work I put in,“ said Ferland.

He said the hardest part of the adjustment from junior football to CFL is the speed of the game.

“If you’re that half step off on a play, in Thunder you could afford to take that you know one or two steps in the wrong place, but if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time in the CFL you’ve lost the rep,” Ferland said.