Friday temperatures break records

People cooling off at River Ave splash pad, June 4

It was one of the warmest days in 33 years as 14 Manitoba communities broke temperature records on Friday, according to numbers provided by Enivironment and Climate Change Canada.

Many of the records broken were set back in 1988, but Emerson bucked that trend with a scorching 40.6 C, smashing the old record set almost 100 years ago in 1922 at 36.7 C.

Two more communities broke the 40 C milestone, Gretna and Morden, who posted temperatures of 41.3 C and 40.4 C, respectively.

To put things in perspective, the last time Manitoba saw temperatures above the 40 C mark was in 1989 when Turtle Mountain and Myrtle hit 40.5 C back on August 1. 

The hottest day on record for the province was set in 1936 when St. Albans and Emmerson experienced 44.4 C temperatures.

Winnipeg was one of eight areas that broke records set back in 1988, setting a new record of 36.5 C. The old standard was 35.6 C.

The others were Gretna, Morden, Carmen, Deerwood, Melita, Sprague and Steinbach.

Gimli had the biggest jump in their temperature record, beating the previous mark of 29 C set back in 1995 by 6.4 C, for a new benchmark of 35.4 C. Pilot Mound was a close second with a new record of 39 C, up 6.4 C from 1961’s record of 32.8 C.

Below is a summary of all the temperature records:

  • Carberry Area,  New record of 36.0, Old record of 31.7 set in 1970
  • Carman Area, New record of 38.8, Old record of 36.5 set in 1988
  • Deerwood Area, New record of 38.4, Old record of 37.0 set in 1988
  • Emerson Area, New record of 40.6, Old record of 36.7 set in 1922
  • Fisher Branch Area, New record of 34.2, Old record of 32.0 set in 1995
  • Gimli Area, New record of 35.4, Old record of 29.0 set in 1995
  • Gretna Area, New record of 41.3, Old record of 36.0 set in 1988
  • Melita Area, New record of 36.8, Old record of 35.0 set in 1988
  • Morden Area, New record of 40.4, Old record of 35.5 set in 1988
  • Oak Point Area, New record of 31.7, Old record of 31.1 set in 1976
  • Pilot Mound Area, New record of 39.0, Old record of 32.8 set in 1961
  • Sprague Area, New record of 37.5, Old record of 34.0 set in 1988
  • Steinbach Area, New record of 38.4, Old record of 35.0 set in 1988
  • Winnipeg Area, New record of 36.5, Old record of 35.6 set in 1988