Bone chilling temperatures are expected over the next week as the thermometer drops below -20 C, which spells concerns for Calgary’s most vulnerable.

The homeless have made their way to shelters across the city and Calgary’s Drop-In Centre says its ready for the surge in cliental.

“We will not turn anyone away,” said Sandra Clarkson, executive director of the Drop-In Centre.

On Friday night - hundreds flocked to the centre to escape the elements.

“Our numbers were around 400, so we still have space for more people,” said Clarkson.

According to Clarkson, last year the homeless serving sector was able to house more than 1,200 people.

But there are some that will brave the elements. Dog walkers in the northwest, forced to bundle up, so their pups could enjoy some fresh powder.

I’m usually playing video games this hour, but my mom dragged me out of bed, told me about this, “ said Henry Shilliday.

“I dressed up warm, and I’m still in my pyjamas actually.”

Shilliday’s mom says bringing their Golden Retriever Oscar to the park, had to happen.

“We need the light, we need the fresh air, we need to move our bodies,” said Maura Burns.

Temperatures are expected to be in the-20s for the upcoming week, with overnight lows and daytime windchills near-30.

The blast of frigid weather will see no reprieve for Calgarians for at more than a week.