A bus is stuck in Vancouver due to snowy conditions on Jan. 13, 2020.

Metro Vancouver commuters woke up to wet snow and dozens of bus service alerts.

The list on TransLink's website showed most of the 112 alerts flagged by the service provider were due to construction or other reasons, but dozens of routes saw delays due to weather on Tuesday.

In an email sent the day before the storm arrived, TransLink advised those who take public transit to leave early, bundle up and be ready to wait. It added additional staff members were being called in to help, and trucks would be deployed to spread anti-ice solution on trolley wires.

Brass "cutters" were installed on some trolley buses to slice through ice, and articulated buses will be replaced with conventional buses if necessary. The 40-foot vehicles are more agile in steep and slippery areas, TransLink said.

Tire socks will be used on some routes on Burnaby Mountain and the North Shore, where snow accumulation is common and hills are steep.

Still, TransLink warned that weather may have an impact on bus service across the system.

Few routes were impacted specifically by weather, but the snow appeared to be picking up in some areas.

Here is a developing list of the bus routes TransLink says are impacted by the storm:

  • 20 Victoria/Downtown
  • 143 Burquitlam Station/SFU
  • 145 SFU/Production Station
  • 210 Upper Lynn Valley/ Vancouver
  • 229 Lynn Valley/Lonsdale Quay
  • 247 Grouse/Vancouver
  • 280 Bluewater/Snug Cove
  • 281 Snug Cove/Eaglecliff
  • 563 Fernridge

More information, including detours buses are using, is available on TransLink's Transit Alerts page.