Funding breakdown announced for Glenbow renovations

A stock photo showing the exterior of Calgary's Glenbow Museum. (Getty Images)

The three levels of government have outlined how they will contribute to the Glenbow Museum's major renovation.

The "Glenbow Reimagined" Project will see obsolete systems will be replaced with energy-efficient ones and visitors will have improved access to all exhibits.

Ottawa is contributing $40 million, the province another $40 million, the city $11 million, and the Glenbow-Alberta Institute raised $14 million, for a total of $105 million.

"This will transform this landmark into one of the most vibrant museums in North America," said federal Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Dominic Leblanc.

"Glenbow-Alberta Institute has contributed $14 million to this project," said Mayor Jyoti Gondek. "And that means a group of volunteers hustled hard to make sure that Calgary businesses, as well as individuals, understood the value of an initiative like this."

The project is expected to create 590 planning, engineering and construction jobs.

The museum has temporarily relocated to a new location at the Edison, at 150 Ninth Avenue S.W., which the Glenbow has repurposed into an exhibition space as part of the City of Calgary's Downtown Strategy. Admission is free.

The renovations are expected to be complete by 2024.