Funnel clouds spotted near Borden, Hepburn in weekend storm

In the midst of a severe thunderstorm that brought tornado warnings over central Saskatchewan on Saturday, sightings of apparent funnel clouds surfaced, but Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) says it can’t confirm that a twister touched down.

According to ECCC meteorologist Sara Hoffman, a tornado warning was issued at around 3 p.m. on June 5, saying the conditions at the time could bring a tornado.

“At this point we have nothing to confirm that,” Hoffman said. “We do have excellent radar images that are close to what we would see if a tornado is present so we do have a strong suspicion that there was a possibility for one.”

Video submissions into CTV News showed dark clouds and winds pushing a storm through the Towns of Borden and Hepburn. While submissions noted funnel clouds touching down, there’s no indication to ECCC that any of the funnel clouds touched down in the area.

Hoffman said she saw a report of storm damage at a property near Eagle Creek, but nothing in central Saskatchewan.

“Lots of people think they are seeing a funnel cloud but in reality that’s just how severe thunderstorm clouds can look. They can look like they are lowering,” Hoffman said.