Game on? Public school board supports letter to restore extracurricular activities

A local trustee with the Greater Essex County District School Board is urging the local health unit to restore extracurricular activities.

A motion was passed during Tuesday’s board meeting to send a letter to the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in an effort to bring back extracurriculars.

“They haven’t been doing extracurricular activities for well over a year,” says Alan Halberstadt.

“The kids have become the scapegoat for this whole thing.”

A health unit recommendation to delay all extracurricular activities remains in place.

The two sides met Wednesday afternoon, with the WECHU telling CTV News:

“WECHU continues to work closely with our local school boards to determine how extracurricular activities can be safely reintroduced to the school setting. It is of critical importance that measures are put in place to protect the safety of students, and maintain the primary priority which is keeping students in school for in-person learning.”

“I’ve talked to parents, I’ve talked to teachers, I’ve talked to kids. It’s pretty uniform across the city,” says Halberstadt.

Last month, the public board voted in favour to send out football helmets that required recertification to possibly allow for a season in the calendar year.

Halberstadt hopes some type of season can still be saved.

“They’re going to be refurbished in about a week or two so it should be ready if the health unit opens up and allows us to play our games,” he says.