Gas prices expected to fall another 10 cents in time for long weekend

If you think that long weekends always means a spike in gas prices, you’ll be pleased to know that this Victoria Day weekend is expected to be the exception to that rule.

While the price at the pumps fell by about three cents on Thursday to approximately $2.06 per litre of regular in London, it’s expected to drop another ten cents on Friday to around $1.96.

Not everyone is impressed.

“I mean it’s crazy,” said one driver filling up at a west London gas station Thursday. “If you remember the first time it crossed the one dollar, everybody was going nuts. And now we’re kind of getting used to two dollars, so going down, I think it’ll be good.”

Dan McTeague, the president of Canadians for Affordable Energy said the upcoming price drop was unexpected, but is the result of volatility in the markets this week.

“We’re seeing a drop on Friday because of what happened in markets, which was Wednesday where we saw gasoline drop almost 30 cents, 32 cents a gallon,” said McTeague. “In fact the Canadian dollar picked up a tiny bit of steam, so that really helped as well.”

While ten cents may seem like a large decrease at one time, it’s but a drop in the jerry-can for some.

“It’s ridiculous, $30 gives you 14 litres,” complained another driver at the same West London gas station. “It’s absolutely unheard of. Somebody’s making a lot of money and it’s not us little people, that’s for sure.”

Meantime, don’t get too used to the lower price. Dan McTeague says the decrease at the pumps may only be a temporary reprieve.