Gas prices soar another 10 cents in Greater Victoria

Motorists in Greater Victoria may have noticed another eye-popping spike in gas prices this week.

On Monday evening, gas prices increased from a whopping 162.9 cents per litre to 172.9 cents.

When fuel prices rose to 162.9 cents in late June, CTV News spoke with experts on their predictions for the future.

Some analysts predicted that gas could reach 170 cents by the end of the summer, a total that was exceeded Monday.

According to price-tracking website GasBuddy, average gas prices across the country are up 3.2 cents per gallon (four litres) compared to last week.

GasBuddy adds that the national average price of gas per gallon is up 94.3 cents compared to last year, when fuel prices plummeted during the pandemic.

In April 2020, gas prices were as low as 84 cents per litre in Greater Victoria.