Moving day is usually the busiest time of the year at a college campus, but things are eerily quiet this year at Barrie's Georgian College.

Tuesday marks day three of move-in day, with the last group arriving Wednesday.

The typical one-day move has been stretched over four days to avoid crowding and the potential to spread COVID-19.

As one lonely car sat idle in the car loop, residence general manager Katelyn Jennings said in a typical year, the loop would be packed.

"You would have people hustling and bustling in and out of the building," said Jennings. For safety, the residence is allowing a total of 64 visitors per day with a maximum of eight per hour.

And with many students learning remotely this year, the residence is at 30 per cent occupancy compared to a typical 85 to 90 per cent occupancy.

Jennings said there are plenty of safety protocols like wearing face masks in any public space, "hallways, kitchen spaces, anywhere like that."

Dean of Students Brian Muscat said Georgian College moved 70 per cent of classes online this year. Thirty per cent are courses requiring hands-on learning, which is why many students needed to move into residency.

"Our students come from all across the country and world," said Muscat. "So for those that aren't able to drive in or live close to the college, they need to be able to come to campus and live."

While students on residence settle into their homes, school will officially resume for all students next Tuesday.