Giant kaleidoscope part of interactive art installation in Churchill Square

A new interactive art installation called The Works: Activated has taken shape in Churchill Square.

There will be 10 different installations set-up and spaced out for all Edmontonians to drop by and enjoy.

Amber Rooke, the executive artistic director of The Works Art and Design Festival, told CTV News Edmonton the theme is parallel reality.

For example, she said, the installation's sculptures are "based on fossils but not necessarily routed deeply in the past."

"They’re a sort of reimagining of that concept.” 

All of the installations are outside, three-dimensional, and people will be able to walk around or through them. On top of the visual experience, Rooke said there will be supplemental information available online as well, each piece has its own QR code.

“Like a lot of art we have a reflection of reality, but in this case it’s like five degrees off from our current universe,” she explained. “Think of it as a parallel universe and speculative artwork.”

“Bring your own interpretation to that experience.”

Artist Blaine Campbell has a background in photography, but told CTV News he’s always been interested in merging photography and other large scale art forms. After studying Islamic geometric patterning in Banff, he took that knowledge and created a giant walk through kaleidoscope.

“I’m really interested in having the public engage with work at a scale where you’re sort of part of the piece, and the piece sort of envelops you in some way,” Campbell said.

The installation Campbell created was intentionally designed to be very interactive. 

“We can’t have a 50-foot wheel on the end to rotate,” Campbell explained.

“So in this iteration, the mirrors are angled in a way so you will see some of the outside environment reflected into the tunnel, and also yourself, and also your fellow audience members.”

The festival runs until July 17 and is free to the public.