CTV News file image of Winnipeg City Hall. (Zachary Kitchen/CTV News)

An offer to install flashing beacons in school zones for free may still cost the City of Winnipeg money.

Since June 2017, local businessman Chuck Lewis has been pushing the city to let him set up the lights.

He’d offered to install and maintain them as a gift.

Councillor Kevin Klein says the city is dragging its feet on this, as the matter has been delayed a number of times at city hall.

But the city’s transportation manager, David Patman, told the property committee it’s taken time to work towards an agreement to accept the gift.

Patman says modifications may be needed to the posts which could cost money. Patman also says Lewis has offered to install two lights per school, and there could be some zones where more than two are required.

Patman says insurance and maintenance details are also being worked out.

“Let us finish the details,” said Patman

The committee adjourned it for another 60-days for a report on the terms of an agreement and potential costs.