Giving back one bouquet at a time

For those lined up at Parkdale Food Centre, there’s a colourful addition to the produce and chef-made meals. 

"I really love flowers," said one client. "Happy and joy."

The bouquets donated by City Love Flowers, a local floral business based in Ottawa, brightening people’s day one flower bouquet at a time.

"For me what I love is the seasonality of these bouquets,” said founder Kate Punnett. "They speak to a moment in time."

Using flowers from local farmers, Punnett said it’s her way of creating positive change and sharing her love of florals. 

“Giving flowers makes someone feel like they're being taken care of," said Punnett. 

A portion of her business sales go to what she calls, "A Flower Fund", allowing her to create bouquets for those who may not be able to afford them. 

About 15 to 20 of these bouquets are donated each week. This year, Punnett partnered with Parkdale Food Centre. They say the flowers have been a great addition to its weekly market. 

"When you get a bouquet of flowers your heart just totally grows and it's something that's totally unexpected here," said Rebecca Dorris with the Parkdale Food Centre. 

"I don’t have anyone giving me flowers," said one client. "I have a cat and a dog, they give me other love but they don’t give me flowers."

The market located in Hintonburg provides produce and fresh meals to community members weekly. The fresh-cut flowers also expected to be a fixture.

"I will be donating flowers until the Dahlias are done blooming until the end of September," said Plummett.