GO trains are coming to London but it's not going to be the quickest trip

The provincial government has announced that GO Transit train service is coming to London, Ont. in a new pilot project.

The new service will provide weekday trips between London and Toronto and will also connect customers to Stratford and St. Marys.

The new service is set to begin Oct. 18, with Metrolinx providing trips between London and Union Station in Toronto.

The pilot project will see a train leaving from London daily at 5:20 in the morning arriving at union at 9:15 a.m. and one return train leaving Toronto at 4:19 in the afternoon arriving in London at 8:17 p.m.

The trip between London and Toronto will take approximately four hours. Meanwhile the trip between London and Kitchener will take roughly two hours.

The train will travel along the Kitchener line -- including stops in St. Marys and Stratford -- something Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney tells CTV News London is a key part of the project.

“We heard from people across the southwest -- more intercommunity rail service, connections between towns in the southwest was key -- so that’s why we wanted to make sure that people could get from London to St. Marys, and then anywhere else along the Kitchener line, before they get to Union Station if that’s where they wish to go,” Mulroney said.

She added that this service is not necessarily geared to any particular demographic.

This is the first phase of the project and will cost $2.5 million on an annual basis.

The government would like to hear feedback from users on what their experience is like and what they would like to see next.

As for the cost of the daily trips, the minister says that is still being worked out by Metrolinx, but there will be three different fare zones depending on your station stop.

You will be able to purchase an E-ticket online and use your smartphone to access the service.