Golfers in Waterloo Region are taking advantage of a stretch of temperatures approaching record highs this week.

Ariss Valley Golf and Country Club had plenty out on the links taking advantage of the warmer weather on Friday. The club expects to be busy all weekend.

The club plans to stay open as long as it can, only closing when it snows. The course closed for one day last weekend following a brief snowfall, but has let golfers onto the course every other day since it was allowed to reopen in May.

The warmer temperatures mean business is still booming, even with a lack of tournaments and indoor events this year. The warm fall is also helping the business recover from a drop in business earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The golf club is forecasting a busy weekend as temperatures are expected to stay in the high teens.

"We will stay open again and will see temperatures stay in the pluses, possibly around six or seven degrees after Tuesday, and certainly that'll be good enough weather to play some golf," said Mark Grainger, golf pro and instructor at the club.

Friday marked a record-high temperature, reaching 19.4 C. David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, said it's impressive how long the summer-like conditions have lasted.

"Typically this time of year, you've got one- or two-day wonders," he said. "This is eight days and counting."

Phillips said even if temperatures drop below double digits, it will still be unseasonably warm.

Patios are also cashing in on the warm weather. Beer Town in Uptown Waterloo said they added extra staff next week so they can keep their patio open longer.

"Even this Monday, we're anticipating a really good day," operating partner Kirk Vines said. "Mondays typically in November, even in the good old days, weren't that busy."

Phillips called it an atmospheric gift.

"The value of this, is that it makes winter that much shorter," he said.

Above-seasonal temperatures are expected to last into late November.