Green Line construction won't start in 2021: Councillor


The City of Calgary is pressing 'pause' on starting construction of the Green Line in 2021.

That was the word Wednesday, when Counc. Shane Keating said there would be no construction on the massive $4.9 billion project started in 2021.

Instead, 2021 work will focus on relocating utility lines.

Construction was originally supposed to have started in the summer, but the timeline was pushed back in December, when the provincial government said it had concerns with the design and scope of the project.

Keating pushed back, saying the province had already been reviewing the project for over a year and that more reviews would slow the project down and drive the cost up.

"Now we are close to a year behind," he said, in an interview with CTV News. "When council approved the project, and we're hearing that it might be solved in the very near future, but that means the project is delayed at least a year and possibly a year and a half."

With close to a $5 billion price tag, the Green Line will be the most expensive infrastructure project in Calgary's history.