Greg Fertuck’s lawyer suggests Sheree Fertuck is still alive

For the first time in Greg Fertuck’s murder trial, the defence suggested the victim is still alive.

Fertuck has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in connection to the disappearance of his wife, Sheree Fertuck.

Sheree was last seen on Dec. 7, 2015 leaving her family farm by Kenaston, Sask. to go haul gravel nearby.

After years of community and RCMP searches, Sheree’s body has never been found.

For the second day, Sgt. Tiffany Climenhaga, the lead investigator in the case, took the stand in Fertuck’s trial.

Climenhaga said to this day, RCMP urge people at the pit to be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

During cross-examination of Climenhaga, the defence suggested Sheree is alive.

“I believe she’s dead,” Climenhaga responded.

The Crown is arguing Fertuck shot Sheree at the pit and moved her body to a rural location.

While no formal arguments have been made by the defence, lawyer Morris Bodnar has been raising questions and inferring inaccuracies in this theory.

On the evening Sheree went missing, people told police they saw Sheree’s semi-truck driving around.

Bodnar asked the investigator why those statements weren’t further explored.

Climenhaga said the accounts were deemed to be inaccurate.

Sheree’s family believed Fertuck would benefit financially from Sheree’s disappearance, according to Climenhaga.

Bodnar disagreed with this idea since Sheree’s son took over her finances and followed her direction. The defence argued Fertuck ended up in the same, or worse financial position, because Fertuck relied on Sheree for some gravel hauling work.

Court heard Sheree wouldn’t sign off on Fertuck’s request to withdraw his pension money.

On Wednesday, a cell tower analyst is expected to take the stand.