Wiarton Willie and Punxsutawney Phil are infamous for their forecasting, but in Powassan a local chicken is taking a hand in predicting the weather.

The chicken, named Henny Penny, flew the coop Sunday afternoon to see if northern Ontario would be in store for six more weeks of winter or if spring is right around the corner.

“There’s not many groundhogs in Northern Ontario and we take this day very seriously,” says Kathie Hogan, the chicken’s owner.

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— 250 Clark (@250clarkca) February 2, 2020

Henny Penny has been predicting weather for Northern Ontario for two years. Hogan says Henny Penny has become an unofficial mascot on Groundhog Day in Powassan.

Henny Penny did not see her shadow calling for an early spring. Last year, the hen predicted an early spring too.

“Let’s just hope she’s right,” Hogan says.