Guelph United FC make history with Canadian Soccer Championships match

Despite a negative outcome, the Guelph United FC have made history with their preliminary round match in the Canadian Soccer Championships.

The semi-pro team hosted the pro team Halifax Wanderers at University of Guelph's Alumni Stadium Tuesday night, with the winner moving on to play Toronto FC.

"My emotions are all over the place, I'm very excited, I can't wait for the game to get going," said Keith Mason, GM and associate head coach of Guelph. "There's been a lot of preparation from the whole organization to put on a good shot and it's getting close now, so it's an exciting time for Guelph and the community."

Guelph qualified as champions of League One Ontario and were the first team to ever do this in their first season.

"Everybody's ready, everybody's focused," said Mason. "Everybody knows it's going to be a tough game and it's just a matter of taking the fear and the excitement and playing a good game now."

Unfortunately, the team could not pull off the Cinderella story and dropped the match 2-0.