Capacity is changing once again at several arenas in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

More people are allowed inside several HRM arenas starting Friday.

On Sunday, the crowd size went from 50 to 100 at:

  • Bedford's BMO centre Rink D;
  • St. Margaret's Centre, Fountain Rink;
  • The Zatzman Sportsplex;
  • and the Halifax Forum arena.

On Friday, the crowd limit at each of these locations has been increased to 200 people

"More arena operators were interested in expanding their locations of spectators and they reviewed their COVID protocols to make that happen," said HRM spokesperson Maggie-Jane Spray.

Other HRM arenas are seeing capacity changes as well, but not every rink.

"With many of the arenas in the municipality that's simply not possible," Spray said. "Right out of the gate, especially with size, staffing, or the configuration of the arena."

"200 is more than enough for us," said Tim Boyce, the head coach of the Halifax Macs major midget hockey team.

Their home rink is the forum and more people being allowed in that arena comes at a critical time.

"We've got Quebec league scouts and Maritime junior a scouts that are obviously preparing for next years draft, and who knows where we're going to be in a month or two down the road with COVID, so I think just the opportunity that can get in and see these guys now, just in case we do have to shut down again is huge," Boyce said.

Capacity numbers may go up even further in the future at arenas around the HRM, but city hall says public health will give its final stamp of approval for each one.

"Staff will continue to work with area operators if they want to expand their spectator limits," Spray said.

In addition to public health COVID protocols spectators won't be  allowed to bring in any food or drink.