While many of us are struggling to get over a sugar-high from last night's trick-or-treating, one CTV Calgary weather specialist is basking in the glory of her dino-driven dance moves.

Adriana Zhang was spotted earlier in the week on CTV Morning Live in her inflatable dinosaur outfit and she even brought it back for the CTV Calgary News at 6 on Saturday.

However, CTV News at 11:30 was where she really showed off her scales, surprising everyone with a Triassic two-step and a Jurassic jive.

Absolutely no one:
Me: Happy Halloween ��@CTVCalgary pic.twitter.com/yrtX1J81Qo

— Adriana Zhang (@AdrianaYZhang) November 1, 2020

In case you missed the show yesterday ... LOL @CTVCalgary @AdrianaYZhang #livetv pic.twitter.com/LTboKFUtKp

— Kathy Le (@CTVKathyLe) November 1, 2020