'He has better balance than I do': Surfing dog spotted in Tofino

When he heads to the west coast of Vancouver Island for relaxation, Martin Jasek grabs his board and his surfing companion to take on Tofino’s waves.

His partner is a 15-month-old Labrador retriever named Ceto, who Jasek says is quite comfortable in the water. The pair returned to Tofino last week.

“This is probably his tenth time since he’s been a puppy,” Jasek says.

The pair were working on perfecting their technique of riding the curls.

“He has better balance than I do,” Jasek says. “He’s got four legs, I’ve got two. The tricky part is positioning.”

Ceto has been able to master being on a paddleboard in the waters around Jasek’s home in North Delta, B.C., and his owner says getting out onto the ocean was an easy transition.

“When he was four months, I just put him out on the board with some kibble and just on a lake to get him used to some paddling around and associating food with the surfboard, but I also make sure I have some kibble out here,” he says.

While he’s aware some dogs actually enter surfing contests down in the States, Jasek says Ceto doesn’t appear to be too competitive and is happy to continue riding as an amateur.