Winnipeg's first Leap Year Baby of 2020 Milo MacKinnon is pictured with his mom Jenna Kennedy and dad Nick MacKinnon. (Source: Shared Health)

Winnipeg’s first Leap Year Baby at the new women's hospital came as a surprise to his family.

Shared Health said Milo MacKinnon was born at the new HSC Winnipeg Women’s Hospital at 1:29 a.m. weighing five pounds, seven ounces. Milo leaped into this world two weeks early. Shared Health said he wasn’t due until March 14.

The odds of being born on Leap Day are one in 1,461 -- giving his family one more reason to celebrate.

“He’s a lucky guy,” said mom Jenna Kennedy, in a news release. “It’s another fun thing. My other son was born on Halloween, so this will be just another special day to celebrate.”

Milo’s dad Nick MacKinnon and his big brother Nate are thrilled about the latest addition to the family, as are his grandparents. 

“My parents didn’t sleep last night. They’re excited,” Kennedy said. 

Shared Health said Kennedy’s parents were the first visitors to meet Milo Saturday morning. 

“My mom didn’t realize he was a Leap Year Baby until I told her this morning. I guess it was the last thing on their mind.”