'He's a solid human being': Zach Galifianakis wades into Saskatoon politics with mayoral candidate endorsement

A still image of a video shared on Twitter by Saskatoon mayoral candidate Charlie Clark. (Twitter/charlieclarkyxe)

A Hollywood comedic star, perhaps best known for his role in the Hangover series, is wading into Saskatoon politics.

In a video tweeted by incumbent mayoral candidate Charlie Clark, Zach Galifianakis vouches for Clark - after first cracking a few jokes.

"Now full disclosure, I have never been to Saskatoon," said Galifianakis, who shares a family connection with Clark. 

"But I do get to spend time with Charlie from time to time, he and his family and I have to say he's a decent ma— You know what? He's not a decent man. He's much better than decent. He's a solid human being."

In the video, Galifianakis — wearing a face mask sporting a Clark campaign logo — also urges Saskatoon residents to vote. 

This isn't the first time Galifianakis has lent his star power to a Clark campaign. He recorded a similar video during Clark's first successful bid for the mayor's seat in 2016.

1) .@galifianakisz wants you to vote for Charlie. He's never seen a blizzard so he has no idea what is about to hit us over this weekend (a "punishing snowstorm" says The Weather Network). ➡️ That’s why you should vote in Advance polls today and Thursday. ⬅️ #yxe #yxevotes pic.twitter.com/ON2OIj8Ywc

— charlieclarkyxe (@charlieclarkyxe) November 4, 2020