'He's not going to win': Candy shop recovering from string of robberies

The Be-A-Bella candy and gift shop in the Highlands neighbourhood is recovering after being robbed several times in recent days.

Rocks have also been thrown through several windows in the store and the cost to replace them is in the thousands, according to an owner.

“The first time we were hit was at the end of July of this year… this past Saturday, Monday night and this morning we’ve been hit,” said Kathy Prosser, one of the owners of the store. “So he’s pretty well broken every window we have, there’s just a couple that aren’t broken.”

Money, an iPad, a drill, a speaker and chocolate have been stolen from the store, according to Prosser.

“It’s so senseless, it’s just heartbreaking,” added Prosser.

“You get the lovely people, the messages, the comments are astounding and then you get this guy and it’s kind of like having a rat in your business, we need to get rid of him and he just keeps coming back.”

The shop is owned and run by Prosser and her husband, she said they know their community well, including police officers they’ve been dealing with during the incidents.

“All the officers come in here with their kids and we’re like, ‘We know you,’” said Prosser. “We know our neighbours, we know our community, our community is behind us, but this guy, he’s not in our community, he’s… I don’t know what he is, but he’s a sad person.”

Police have been able to get fingerprint and blood samples from the scene, added Prosser.

Money is being raised to help pay for the cost of the window repairs and Prosser is grateful for the well-wishes from customers.

“Love is going to get us through this and he’s not going to win,” said Prosser. “We’re a small business, we survived the pandemic, this guy is not going to win, we don’t give up that easily.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk